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In Search of Sound

-On Vocal Development-

The true voice will vary throughout one's life and be different things at different times, especially after key changes have occurred. Therefore, the idea of reaching 'full' or complete vocal expression is a falsehood. The true voice can be considered a journey or a process rather than a final destination"

The true voice:

an exploration of identity 

This thesis examines the concept of the true voice as a method for the exploration of identity. A revised delphi approach was used to facilitate the open discussion of this concept amongst a group of specialists from various specialisms of voicework and singing.


The primary objective of the study was to provide a framework of understanding from which to view a holistic approach to vocal development, with particular relevance to the singing voice as well as lay the foundations for further study in this area through presenting a range of opinions on the true voice. 


The study gave definition to the concept of the true voice and revealed that it could be used as both a framework of understanding as well as an application to voicework.