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Facilitating Open Vocal Exploration



My singing background is wide and various. My formal training is Classical, but I am influenced by all sounds - what I create is informed largely by Folk and Jazz styles. In addition to these influences I explore specific vocal techniques from oral traditions around the world. I use these qualities to create a fusion of sound which is an amalgamation of these interests.

I provide live improvised performance creating music and lyrics simultaneously. My main motivation to perform live improvised sets is to create a platform for a healing energy exchange between performer and audience - whilst offering my musical interpretation of the environment.




Creatively, I work best alongside others and love the process of collaborative music making. It is a privilege to learn through the joy of playing and experimenting with sound alongside other musicians. I enjoy many styles and idioms so search for opportunities to work with performers and producers across all genres. 




Facilitating Vocal Exploration

"When I refer to using ‘the voice’ or ’voice work’; I simply mean - an uninhibited flow of personal expression communicated through some form of safe vocalisation. As a vocalist, I feel it is so important to emphasise this notion of safety, and safe practice."

Community Music: I have worked with with teens, young people and vulnerable adults of diverse backgrounds. I have Experience in; Youth theatre, Women's groups, Live-in communities and Retreat spaces. 

Voice work: Breath and vocalisation, singing, improvisation, performance skills, audition/exam preparation, group music making/jamming, songwriting, therapeutic speech work, voice and movement, sound healing 

Tailored Workshops: Public/private groups, schools, businesses, conferences, events and festivals


One to One Coaching: We will craft goals, lesson plans and approaches to working with the voice together. You decide!


Vocal Health Assessment: Exploring the voice through gentle exercises, improvisation and performance I will guide you to find a 'vocal prescription' to sing yourself to health and wellness. 


Sound Healing: Therapeutic guided sound journeys for safe relaxation and emotional release. All sessions are confidential.   


Speech Work: Techniques to develop diction,  articulation, resonance and projection 


My particular interest and specialism concerns the development of wellbeing through healthy vocalisation; applying a multidisciplinary holistic approach to working with the voice.



For my Masters thesis I conducted a Delphi study which examined the concept of the true voice as a method for the exploration of identity. The continuation of own vocal journey informs and directs a variety of personal research projects - at present I am engaged with practice based and ethnographic methodologies.

I am available to undertake research on commission. 




Please direct any requests/enquiries to:



I will be very happy to provide you with additional information about my existing experience, examples of previous work and what I may be able to offer specific to your needs. 

-With love, Lise